Kelsie Lamp: Learning More Than Just Cheerleading

You work hard for the things you love and cheer is one of those things.

Years in the Program: 1Image may contain: Kelsie Ann, smiling, standing and outdoor
Current Squad: Varsity
Grade: 12th
Favorite Part of  Cheer: Stunting!

Joining the cheer team has been one of the best things I’ve ever decided to do. It has taught me lessons that will help me throughout the rest of my life. It’s not only exciting and fun for me, it’s something I have grown to love. You work hard for the things you love and cheer is one of those things. Cheerleading is more than just people in cute uniforms cheering on the sideline. It’s a sport that requires 100% dedication 24/7, you have to be mentally, physically, and emotionally dedicated.

It’s hard work that definitely pays off, it will make you stronger mentally and physically. Cheer made me realize that I can do anything I put my mind to. Nothing feels better than reaching something you’ve worked so hard for. Nothing beats the feeling you get when you finally hit a stunt or perform a routine that you’ve been working on for a month.

I am so grateful to be on a team with such hardworking and dedicated people and to have the coaches I have. Not only has this sport taught me so much but my teammates and coaches have taught me so much this past season and I can not wait until basketball season. Cheer has been one of the best parts of my senior year and I couldn’t be anymore grateful for the experience.


Carlie Hamilton: A Change of Mind

Cheer isn’t just waving pom-poms around and supporting your team.
Years in the Program: 1
Current Squad: Varsity
Grade: 12th
Favorite Part of  Cheer: Being able to express a different side of me!


Change can be exciting, hard, or sometimes both. We all  make decisions in our lives that force us to change. About 8 months ago I decided I would try something new and cheer for basketball season.

Cheer became a new change and challenge in my life. At first it was tough, and I really wasn’t sure what to think of everything that was happening. But as time went on, I began to realize that cheer was much more than what I had originally thought it was.

Cheer requires strength, a special bond, and hard work. The special bond is what truly made me love cheer. It made me realize that although you may not be the same “fish”, different “fish” can share a bowl and find that they have many things in common. These girls (and Reed of course) are my fish and have helped me become more confident and more sure of myself.

At the end of last season I wasn’t sure whether I would be cheering again or not. I had and still have, plenty of other priorities that I felt needed more time. It took about 2 weeks to realize there was no way I could let this part of me go.

Cheer isn’t just waving pom-poms around and supporting your team. It is about being united as one and trusting each other. Competition and sideline stunts is what cheer is truly about to me and what excites me. Cheer tests your limits and pushes you to your last breath, but it will make you smile more than anything.



Becca Kruse: Why I Love Camp!

Camp is an amazing experience and we learn so much material while having a blast!

Today’s blog post profiles senior member, Becca Kruse.


Years in the Program: 2
Current Squad: Varsity
Grade: 12th
Favorite Part of  Cheer: Bonding with all the girls and getting involved with the school.
#1 Most Have Item for Camp: A fan!!!
Favorite Part of  Camp: Learning all of the new material!

It’s almost that time of year again! Cheer camp!!!
Honestly, I feel like camp is the part of cheer that makes us all bond so much! You meet amazing people from other squads and become close with girls you probably didn’t think you would in the beginning. Camp is an amazing experience and we learn so much material while having a blast! Plus we get to work with Ohio state cheerleaders!!! How cool?!?

Although camp is a 3 day event and it’s a lot of work it is so worth every second! Girls (and boy!), just keep your heads up through it all and I promise you won’t regret it. Don’t worry if you can’t catch on to the material right away either- we will have many videos of the instructors so we can practice!!

I know after the first day we are going to be sore and tired so don’t forget ibuprofen and a fan!! Also if you need any braces or think you might then bring them! I know last year we stayed up late and hung out in other girls rooms which was fun but I  definitely regretted it in the morning! So please make sure you get plenty of rest every night because you’ll need it!

If any of you have questions about camp or need anything at camp you are more than welcome to come to me! I can’t wait! Only 6 days until camp!! Love you all!!

Julia Verkade: My Cheerleading Journey

Being a Marietta High School Cheerleader has changed my life for the better. 

Today’s Blog post profiles senior member, Julia Verkade.julia.jpg

Years in the Program: 1
Current Squad: Varsity
Grade: 12th

Favorite Part of  Cheer: Cheering on the sideline with all of the girls that I have become close with.

I have always been the athletic one out of my family playing soccer, basketball and softball. I have never cheered in my life and never thought that it would be for me. I decided to take the chance and tryout for cheer with a friend.

During my tryout I ended up rolling my right ankle after landing from a jump. Even after that I loved it from the very first moment. I was told the news that I made the JV Cheer Squad and was elated.

Coach Joelle Loeber taught me a lot. She told me that just because I was new to the whole program and cheer itself didn’t mean that I couldn’t do it… she told me that I would become stronger and would eventually believe in myself that I could do it too.

So I did, then I became the captain of the JV Cheer team during basketball season.

Now I am a part of the Varsity Squad, and I cant wait to be coached by Coach Sarah Snow and be a part of this amazing Journey.



MHS Cheer Bigs and Littles

Photos are available on our Instagram page! 🙂

Many cheerleading teams organize a buddy system for younger cheerleaders, or ‘Littles’ to connect with and learn from an older cheerleader (i.e. their ‘Big’.) This custom includes the exchange of gifts, letters, and small tokens, like matching accessories or tasty treats. The best part is there are no limits when it comes to new ideas, but the common thread is that each gift includes a personal touch.

The Big sister/Lil sister relationship exists to foster support, mentorship, and camaraderie between squads and members within our program. Cheer sisters are asked to motivate, support, encourage, protect, and serve as accountability partners for each other. This is a bond that should be taken to heart and deeply respected.

Besides sharing small tokens and gifts, cheer sisters should also focus on bonding, encouragement, mentorship, and spending quality time with one another. The older (big) will serve as a mentor and personal guide/teacher to the little (lil). The big will take the lead in organizing, mentoring and planning events with their little.


  • Notes, posters, and cards of encouragement
  • Private lessons and guidance with cheer skills and routines
  • Meeting for coffee, tea or smoothies before school
  • Eating team meals/snacks together during camp, summer practices and throughout the year
  • Cooking a meal together at each other’s homes
  • Sleepovers and outings with other sister groups
  • Craft making, poster painting, bow making, t-shirt designing together
  • Go see a movie together
  • Play iPhone App games together (“Words with friends”, “draw something”, etc.)
  • Send a sweet, encouraging or inspirational text, tweet, or e-mail
  • Friend each other on social media and share pictures
  • Sit together at lunch during the school year
  • Bake her something and make a card for her birthday
  • Go to your sister’s games and cheer her on!

We hope to create a stronger bond with this initiative. We look forward to your commitment and dedication to this part of our program.