Becca Kruse: Why I Love Camp!

Camp is an amazing experience and we learn so much material while having a blast!

Today’s blog post profiles senior member, Becca Kruse.


Years in the Program: 2
Current Squad: Varsity
Grade: 12th
Favorite Part of  Cheer: Bonding with all the girls and getting involved with the school.
#1 Most Have Item for Camp: A fan!!!
Favorite Part of  Camp: Learning all of the new material!

It’s almost that time of year again! Cheer camp!!!
Honestly, I feel like camp is the part of cheer that makes us all bond so much! You meet amazing people from other squads and become close with girls you probably didn’t think you would in the beginning. Camp is an amazing experience and we learn so much material while having a blast! Plus we get to work with Ohio state cheerleaders!!! How cool?!?

Although camp is a 3 day event and it’s a lot of work it is so worth every second! Girls (and boy!), just keep your heads up through it all and I promise you won’t regret it. Don’t worry if you can’t catch on to the material right away either- we will have many videos of the instructors so we can practice!!

I know after the first day we are going to be sore and tired so don’t forget ibuprofen and a fan!! Also if you need any braces or think you might then bring them! I know last year we stayed up late and hung out in other girls rooms which was fun but I  definitely regretted it in the morning! So please make sure you get plenty of rest every night because you’ll need it!

If any of you have questions about camp or need anything at camp you are more than welcome to come to me! I can’t wait! Only 6 days until camp!! Love you all!!

One thought on “Becca Kruse: Why I Love Camp!

  1. So Proud of this so hard! She has become a fantastic young woman, and an amazing cheerleader! Keep up the good work, you know how much we love you, and how proud we are of you!

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