Julia Verkade: My Cheerleading Journey

Being a Marietta High School Cheerleader has changed my life for the better. 

Today’s Blog post profiles senior member, Julia Verkade.julia.jpg

Years in the Program: 1
Current Squad: Varsity
Grade: 12th

Favorite Part of  Cheer: Cheering on the sideline with all of the girls that I have become close with.

I have always been the athletic one out of my family playing soccer, basketball and softball. I have never cheered in my life and never thought that it would be for me. I decided to take the chance and tryout for cheer with a friend.

During my tryout I ended up rolling my right ankle after landing from a jump. Even after that I loved it from the very first moment. I was told the news that I made the JV Cheer Squad and was elated.

Coach Joelle Loeber taught me a lot. She told me that just because I was new to the whole program and cheer itself didn’t mean that I couldn’t do it… she told me that I would become stronger and would eventually believe in myself that I could do it too.

So I did, then I became the captain of the JV Cheer team during basketball season.

Now I am a part of the Varsity Squad, and I cant wait to be coached by Coach Sarah Snow and be a part of this amazing Journey.



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