MHS Cheer Bigs and Littles

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Many cheerleading teams organize a buddy system for younger cheerleaders, or ‘Littles’ to connect with and learn from an older cheerleader (i.e. their ‘Big’.) This custom includes the exchange of gifts, letters, and small tokens, like matching accessories or tasty treats. The best part is there are no limits when it comes to new ideas, but the common thread is that each gift includes a personal touch.

The Big sister/Lil sister relationship exists to foster support, mentorship, and camaraderie between squads and members within our program. Cheer sisters are asked to motivate, support, encourage, protect, and serve as accountability partners for each other. This is a bond that should be taken to heart and deeply respected.

Besides sharing small tokens and gifts, cheer sisters should also focus on bonding, encouragement, mentorship, and spending quality time with one another. The older (big) will serve as a mentor and personal guide/teacher to the little (lil). The big will take the lead in organizing, mentoring and planning events with their little.


  • Notes, posters, and cards of encouragement
  • Private lessons and guidance with cheer skills and routines
  • Meeting for coffee, tea or smoothies before school
  • Eating team meals/snacks together during camp, summer practices and throughout the year
  • Cooking a meal together at each other’s homes
  • Sleepovers and outings with other sister groups
  • Craft making, poster painting, bow making, t-shirt designing together
  • Go see a movie together
  • Play iPhone App games together (“Words with friends”, “draw something”, etc.)
  • Send a sweet, encouraging or inspirational text, tweet, or e-mail
  • Friend each other on social media and share pictures
  • Sit together at lunch during the school year
  • Bake her something and make a card for her birthday
  • Go to your sister’s games and cheer her on!

We hope to create a stronger bond with this initiative. We look forward to your commitment and dedication to this part of our program.

2 thoughts on “MHS Cheer Bigs and Littles

  1. This is awesome. A great way to welcome the younger girls, help them feel like they are part of the team and builds comradery. My girl is on the 7th grade squad. When will she find out who her “big” is?

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    1. Hi Deb!

      Thanks for using our new page and leaving a comment. The High School coaches decided that this was a great method of bonding for their teams before camp- which for them is this month. The middle school coaches are planning bonding activities as well. They will pick activities that they believe will work for their group of athletes- it could be bigs and littles or maybe they have something else up their sleeves! We have a coaches meeting today, so we will talk more about that so your daughter and others on her team will know what fun things they have to look forward to as well. Thanks again!


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