Football Season 2019



We wanted to add a post for all of our wonderful new cheer families!!

This post will include a packing list for games!!

We are glad you are a part of our program and we encourage you to contact your coach should you have ANY questions!!


Packing List:

-Sports Bra (white or black)
-black Crop top (this is the long sleeved, v neck, tight top that you wear under your uniform top)
-Uniform top (called a shell)
-Uniform skirt
-Cheer shoes (carry them in your bag and change into them when time to cheer)
-Water bottle
– Bows
-Hair brush
-Hair ties
-High Socks
-poncho (clear)
-black gloves (for when it gets cold – can get these at dollar store)
-Warm ups (once they are in- until then bring something warm or an old warm up)
– A shirt or jacket to put over your uniform if you plan to eat- any inhalers/medicines that you need

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