Tryout Schedule

Please refer below for your scheduled tryout time.

Tryouts are Saturday, June 6 from 830AM-12:30PM. You should arrive ON TIME not early as we must follow social distancing protocols. The time listed is the time that you will be in front of the judges panel, beginning your tryout.

Video tryouts for those who chose to do so should be submitted by 12PM on Saturday.

Should you have any questions about your tryout time, please contact Coach Sarah at 256-425-1824.

Team placements will be posted on the website by Noon on Sunday.




Time Tryout Group Members
8:30AM-9:00AM Chloe Rudolph
Gabriella McAlarney
Destiny Nicholson
Mattigan Ward
9:10AM-9:40AM Amya Lightfritz
Kileah Lieras-Kelley
Jaylea Strickler
Sofia Grammer
9:50AM-10:20AM Ryleigh Boice
Kaylee Frye
Ericha Lawell
Stasia Nicholas
10:30AM-11:00AM Abby Tucker
Kaitlyn Novotny
Halee Wittenbrook
11:10AM-11:40AM Peyton Borman
Claire Hawkins
Kim Tatro
11:50AM-12:20PM Raygan Radar
Rose Sandlin
Hannah Klintworth
Kylie Lamp