Tryout Schedule

Please refer below for your scheduled tryout time.

Tryouts are Saturday, April 27th from 9AM-1:30PM. You should arrive early to stretch and prepare as needed. The time listed is the time that you will be in front of the judges panel, beginning your tryout.

Video tryouts for those not able to be in attendance should be submitted by 1PM on Saturday.

Should you have any questions about your tryout time, please contact Coach Sarah at 256-425-1824.

Team placements will be posted on the website by Noon on Sunday. Our first meeting for all middle and high school athletes that make a team will be Monday at 730pm. Please plan to attend with an adult should you make a team.



Time Tryout Group Members
9:00AM Rylee Lee
Annie Cassady
Raygann Moss
Abby Tucker
Payten Dye
Jordan Brookover
9:30AM Mariah Riley
Reagan Karcher
Bailey Roberts
Jaylee Strickler
Ryleigh Boice
Madelene Riley
10:00AM Kirsten Kroft
Peyton Boreman
Rowen Baker
Kaitlyn Novotny
Rose Sandlin
10:30AM Leah Newlon
Avery Malchiodi
Halee Bigler
Katie Griffin
Alexia Russell
11:00AM Raygan Radar
Ericha Lawell
Kenzie Smith
Jade Walters
Haleigh Seevers
Monic Amell
Anastasia Nicholas
Kaylee Frye
11:30AM Amaya Lightfritz
Madison Roberts
Kaelyn Antill
Raelyn Antill
12:00PM Sophia Pope
Miracle Green
Caleb Walters
Lyanna Smith
Alexus Carpenter
Hayleigh Phillips
12:30PM Gracee Cartmell
Kaylee Novotny
Mia Knowlton
Alazay Jeffers
1:00PM Natilee Trevino
Sofia Grammer
Gabby McAlarney
Alexis Martin
Kilea Lieras- Kelley