Tryout material

Score Sheet

Sideline Tryout Score Sheet

In Person Tryouts:

You will receive your 2 in person clinic date/times and tryout time by May 29 10PM EST.

Please reach out to a coach If you have not received information by then.


Virtual Tryouts:

Material will be posted on June 1st by 10AM

Videos are due to coaches by NOON EST on June 6.
Please send video to

In your video:

Make a title page with your name, grade and what you are trying out for OR state your name, grade, and what you are trying out for.

Jumps (1 each)- Please count out your jumps or have someone count them out for you.
Left hurdler, Right Hurdler, Toe Touch, Double Toe Touch, Pike (it can be to either side).

Crowd Cheer

Sideline (3 times each, spirit after)

Dance to Music- make sure we can hear music.

Any Tumbling you would like to perform. No Air mats or trampolines permitted. Flat mat or grass.

Please make sure you have completed an interview.

Videos must be well lit. You must have a clear, safe space to record and perform. We must be able to see your entire body and not be too close/too far from the camera so we can see all motions.

Example Video:
This is an example of a well put together video, where it is well lit, and you can see the athlete. The technique in this video is not what we are promoting. Just the video itself.